Barco MXRT-5450 - 3D PCIe Dual-DVI display controller - MXRT-5450 / K9305040

   Barco MXRT-5450 - 3D PCIe Dual-DVI display controller Picture

MXRT-5450 / K9305040

The Barco MXRT-5450 is a high-performance PCIe display controller featuring the latest AMD FirePro ™ 3D technology for leading-edge performance, flexibility and reliability. The board supports DirectX and OpenGL and is compatible with Microsoft Windows® XP and Windows® 7.

High-quality 3D imaging

The MXRT-5450 display controller delivers the performance, quality, and stability required for today's 3D imaging applications in healthcare.

The powerful GPU, based on PCIe Gen2 x16 architecture, ensures ultra-fast and smooth image loading, roaming and manipulation of images with up to 5.8MP grayscale resolution.

 This product is an option of the following products

Coronis 2MP (MDCG-2121)
Coronis 3MP (MDCG-3120)

Coronis 5MP (MDCG-5121)

Coronis 5MP Mammo (MDMG-5121)

Coronis Color 2MP (MDCC-2121)

Coronis Fusion 10MP

Coronis Fusion 4MP DL (MDCC-4130)

Coronis Fusion 6MP DL (MDCC-6130)

Nio 2MP (MDNG-2121)

Nio 3MP (E-3620 MA)

Nio 5MP (MDNG-5121)

Nio 5MP (MDNG-6121)

Nio Color 2MP HB (MDNC-2121)

Nio Color 3MP HB (MDNC-3121)

Coronis 5MP (MFGD-5421)
Nio 3MP (E-3620)

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

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MXRT-5450 video card

List Price - $1,350.00

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