Diagnostic 3MP Radiology Workstation - 3MP Diagnostic Workstation

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3MP Diagnostic Workstation

Your personally tailored workstation is the latest HP or Dell hardware with a choice of BARCO, DOME, EIZO, NEC or TOTOKU 3MP diagnostic display(s).

The Diagnostic3™ system provides superior performance in a mini-tower package with a medical grade, 3MP DICOM grayscale or color, LCD single or dual head display. With an administrative 22 inch color LCD included with the system making multi-tasking is easy.

Diagnostic interpretation of: CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Computed Radiography and Digitial Radiography and all PACS applications.

The Diagnostic3™ system includes:

Your choice of a BARCO, DOME, EIZO, NEC or TOTOKU 3MP DICOM monochrome or color LCD display which have a list price of up to $13,000 for less than $7,000 for a complete Single Head workstation system.  Dual head configurations in factory matched pairs with list prices up to $20,000 for less than $12,000.

Dell T3600 workstation with 3GHz CPU

8GB of RAM memory

22 inch Color Administrative LCD monitor

2 x 500GB RAID, 7200 RPM Hard Drives


Two PCI video card slots and two PCI Express video card slots

Energy Smart Settings

Windows 7 Professional

5 Years of Next Business Day Parts and Labor On-Site Response Service After Remote Diagnosis on the workstation

List Price for Single Head Configuration are up to $15,000.00.  Your selling price starting well under $7,000.00.  “Hot Swap”, 5 years of pro active replacement if the display starts to fail is either standard or optional depending on the display manufacturer.

Design your workstation with a simple call - (866) 369 -1902

Less Than $11,000 with 3MP Dual Head

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