Dual Head DOME S3 3MP Grayscale LCD w/ Quadro 2000 - 997-5813-00-2BN

           Dual Head DOME S3 3MP Grayscale LCD w/ Quadro 2000 Picture


Premium 3MP Grayscale Diagnostic Display.

The Dome S3 is an innovative display system equipped with Dome RightCheck front sensor technology. The S3 delivers high luminance and contrast and superior image quality ideal for diagnostic imaging.

High-bright 3MP grayscale diagnostic monitor

Ideal for x-ray chest, CT, and MRI

RightCheck sensor for remote conformance testing

Quality image viewing without compromise


5-year Warranty 10-Year Backlight Warranty 10-bit Grayscale DICOM Always: ClearViewDisplayPort DVI Fanless Feather 3 Megapixel Color Display Green Precise RightCheck RightLight
NDS DOME S3 Dual Head 3MP Monochrome LCDwith Quadro 2000.  S3 -1536x2048 landscape/portrait, RightCheck - Front Sensor, DVI & DP inputs, CXtra software, display driver and cables included.  5 year Manufacturer's Warranty.  Premium Service plans are available.  Part Number - 997-5813-00-2BN.
List Price: $15,131.00

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